Funstrummers Tenth Anniversary Concert November 3, 2017


 Funstrummers Youtube Videos: Funstrummers Music 


Funstrummers on PBS Rob On The Road KVIE 


Funstrummers General Information All About The Funstrummers

Funstrummers in Valley's Got Talent 2012 Gallo Center for the Arts 

Funstrummers and the New Christy Minstrels July 2012 at the State Theater


Funstrummers Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Funstrummers Old Time Rock and Roll

Funstrummers  Harvest Moon




Circle of Fourths and Fifths:  Interactive On Line Circle of Fourths and Fifths

Circle of Fourths and Fifths:                                                                                                                            Ukulele Chords with the Circle of Fourths and Fifths


Ukulele Scales: Ukulele Scales.Com

Ukulele Fretboard Interactive Music Games

Ukulele Chord Progressions: Interactive Game


Chords Kiwi Indispensible Ukulele Chord Chart: Kiwi Chord Chart

Chords Roy Sakuma Treasury of ChordsRoy Sakuma Web Store


Songs and Lessons: DoctorUke

Songs and Lessons: The Uke.Com

Songs and Lessons: Richard G


Ukulele Conversations: Humble Blogger

Ukulele Hunt: Ukulele Hunt

Ukulele Underground: Ukulele Underground




Langlois Music 1700 McHenry Village, Modesto

Ukuleles, books, stands:


K & M Heavy Duty Music Stand: K&M Music Stand

This music stand is very sturdy yet light enough to pack to a gig. There is also a lighter version of this stand of good quality but not quite as sturdy.


Strings: Flouracarbon Just Strings

Compare Worth Strings to Aquila Strings at Ukulele Hunt: Compare


Straps for your ukulele:  see Terry or Gayle in the Band


Luthier Gary Vessel, Steve Thomas 209-578-5345   Thomas and Vessel               

Luthier Tony Graziano: Santa Cruz

Luthier Rick Turner: Santa Cruz 


Ukuleles Online Purchase: The Ukulele Site 




Carmel March: Email for information on a weekend in Carmel

Funstrummers May Day Ukulele Play Day Modesto                                               

Strawberry Music Festival Memorial Day and Labor Day: Strawberry Festival

Grass Valley July: World Music Festival 
Hawaii Oahu Waikiki: Roy Sakuma Productions

Joe Craven RiverTunes Music Camp July  RiverTunes Camp

Santa Cruz Burning Uke September Email for information
Hawaii Maui October: Maui Ukulele Festival

Eugene Oregon October : Uketober Fest

 Funstrummers Annual Concert the first Friday in November                   In 2018 November 2 at 7 pm

 Celebrating Eleven Years of Ukulele Fun

 Trinity Prebyterian 1600 Carver Road Modesto

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