2022 Events 

Modesto Farmers Market



Happy New Year 2020


Funstrummers Singing Old English Ballads and Old English Folk Songs from 1800 during the lifetime of Jane Austen. 



Barking Dog:  Was a favorite place to play and to eat!!


Get yourself an outfit and be a cowboy too!




Sometimes we line the walls and go out the door. 


Sometimes we are small....but mighty!


Sometimes we notice an interlooper has invaded the band.  They are usually innocent enough.  This one, however, has been known to cause havoc among the guests.  



Afternoon Appetizers, California wine and the entertaining Funstrummers.  What some senior centers want to brighten up the day?  Some say we make the day go by fast.  


They knew we were coming and they came out looking for some songs they knew, a beat that was familiar and a distraction from the mundane.  


The Senior Center put on an information day for programs at the center and in the community.  We saw a lot of our friends there.  


Accordions accompany the Funstrummers at the Good Time Accordion Club in Escalon.  They meet the first Wednesday of each month.  Their fun evenings are full of Swiss, Italian, Jewish, Swing, Dance and interesting music. 


The Farmers Market was bustling this morning with many singers and shoppers taking time to dance and sing with us. 


Our guests on this Friday afternoon were very playful and correctly guessed all our musical questions and sang almost every song.  


At this gig we were full of spaghetti from our Italian lunch.  We had to sing about it.  We also added in our new set of love and spring songs to our current reptoire.  


Senior Citizens of Ripon get livelier than they expect when the Funstrummers come to entertain. 


"A lot of trees start from seeds so small" So they sang on Earth Day 2019 at Graceda Park downtown.  "Dirt Made My Lunch" was a hit and while we were at it, we shook our sillies out!! Funstrummers and the Silly String Band.  


 A waffle breakfast at Deva's for some and rockin' songs for others.  Paul's bass adds excitement to our rock and roll songs.  


At this venue we play two sets and we never seem to tire partly because of the guests enthusiasum and eager participatiom.  


Entertaining in the lobby of the Gallo before the

Ukulele of Great Britain show. 


Funstrummers sang a lot of songs about Route 66 at our annual First Friday in November concert.  We found a play up in Columbia by the same name so we ate a good lunch at the Columbia City Hotel, learned a new song from Columbia Ukulele Maven Peg Reza and enjoyed Route 66, the play.  


We were singing for a birthday party and threw in some Travel songs, Hawaiian songs, folk songs, sing along songs and old timey Americana tunes.   



This gig was definitely enhanced by the enthusiasum of the activity director who welcomed us, took our picture and stayed to laugh and sing with us.  Activity directors do a great job and we appreciate their help and how they support seniors in wholesome wellness activities!!


At the Barking Dog Grill for a Fundraiser for International Women's Day and Stanislaus County Commissiion on Women's Scholarship Fund for Women.  Only spontaneous and creative women applied for this gig.   


On the road again taking the travel songs to Turlock.  Pizza and salad bar and a fun group of seniors made the cold windy afternoon fly by.  


It ain't easy being green but somehow a challenge doesn't stop the Funstrummers. They'll be green in and around the month of March starting with Peg 'O My Heart and ending up in a Rattlin' Bog. 


Believe or not this is how some people have fun in retirement:  meet every Friday afternoon at 2pm at a local senior residential home and sing with a ukulele, laugh, share stories, reminisce, make stuff up, be playful but not too silly, go home happy.  



Full of confidence from a morning of practicing, full of enthusiasm and anticipation, full of Mimi's soup and  salad and ready for whatever the next hour will bring. 

 There was a chilly, cold wind under gray skies when we  were swept in the door.  The cases yeilded  their promising contents, the hats gave a clue about the  first song and the notes rang out immediately sending warmth and light to recipients around the room.  



We enjoy a small gig in a small room filled to the brim  with eager participants who sang along.  They enjoyed our St Louis woman with her diamond rings and store bought hair. 


Sometimes it's surprising that so many people have heard about the Funstrummers who are known mostly for making fun with music. 

   "Thank you for coming here and bringing us joy," said the lady in the soft blue dress.  She enjoyed the cookies too. 


One of our "Aloha" friends was eager for our return to his  residence so he could give us each a lei he had purchased for us.   He was also wearing the hat Bob had given him.  

 We hope to make life exciting for others, their days and our  days.  

We are so fortunate to have our bass player as part of the band.  She keeps a great beat for us and fills up the room with deep rich tones from her 100 year old 3/4 bass.  

 Traveling around the county singing songs about traveling around the country.   Catch us if you can.  

2022 Funstrummer Events

2022 Alzheimers 

Walk Enslen Park

Sept 17



2022 Farmers Market Modesto

Sat Aug 27




Stanislaus County Fair Turlock

5:30pm Thursday July 14 PGE Comunity Stage  50-60s Rock and Roll






1021 Stanford Ave





Saturday Jan 11

10am Main Library


Sunday Jan 12

10am Dragon Fly

J Street


2019 EVENTS 

DECEMBER 20 and 21

A Very Choral Christmas 

Lobby of the Gallo Center for the Arts

6:30 to 7:30pm



Barking Dog and Grill

Ukulele Holiday Sing Along 6pm 



Dickens Faire at 

McHenry Mansion

10:30am to noon



Mod Shop Downtown 

Modesto in the 

Mod Spot 6 to 8pm


NOVEMBER 1, 2019

AnnualAnniversary Party:

Concert and Cookies

Friday at 7pm

Trinity Presbyterian

1600 Carver Road




Downtown Sampler



Train Trip to 




Trip to Santa Cruz Ukulele Club and

Sons of the Beach Ukulele Jam


Deva's Cafe J St 

The Breakfast Beat

Bet you can't sit still. 


Barking Dog Grill 

Grafitti Rock & Roll



Americana music with the Good Time Accordion Band  Escalon.




Peddlers Faire in

Knights Ferry




Earth Day in 

Graceda Park 

11 am 


APRIL 7, 2019


Pre-concert music 

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain 

Gallo Center for the Arts 3pm

Downtown Modesto






































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