Ukuele Maestro Stu Fuchs of Massachusettes

Information on Stu Fuchs at his web site: Stu Fuchs



Paul Hemmings entertained us with a fun workshop on the introduction to the licks to Johnny B. Goode right in the middle of our American Graffiti music performances. 

Fred Sokolow and wife Lynn came to teach and entertain
Fred helps to make the Fretboard more friendly

Cali Rose and Craig Brandau

Cali says, "Let's start with a simple tune and create a nifty arrangement using different strumming techniques, finger picking, rhythmic flourishes and chord embellishments. These ideas travel well. Take them home and wrap them into your own songbook."

Cali and Craig  a workshop on latin music and other strums

Ralph Shaw came with performance tips and new songs
Chords up the fretboard with Sarah Maisal and Craig Chee

Songwriter, performer and ukulele virtuoso Lil Rev gave us a treat and new skills.

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