Guests are welcome anytime!

Extra beginner help available at 5:30 pm

Tuesday evenings are OPEN to all JAM UKULELE PLAYERS

6:00 pm Play Along in Songbooks Provided

Trinity Presbyterian Church
1600 Carver Road Modesto
Donations accepted

The Band Plays On Friday Morning

9:15 am to Noon Band Practice

Church of the Brethren (COB)
2301 Woodland Avenue, Modesto

What you could learn:
  • Chord patterns
  • Strum patterns
  • Ear training to improve playing songs by heart
  • Note training to read a little music
  • Note playing within a strum song
  • Simplified Circle of 4ths and 5ths, to help identify patterns in music
  • How to transpose songs so you can sing in your own key
  • Moveable chords and chord inversions so you can play up the fretboard
  • A variety of chord patterns so you can play and sing hundreds of songs
  • A wide variety of genres and in at least five different keys.
Research shows learning is easier and quicker in a group setting
Become a member:
Membership includes availability to
  • Lessons  
  • Beginner Workshops
  • Weekly Play Along at 6 pm on Tuesday at Trinity
  • Weekly Band Practice and Play Along Friday morning
  • Additional beginner help when needed
  • Guest Instructors
  • Song charts, song books and gig packets
  • Songs of members choice
  • Special events including annual
    May Day Ukulele Play Day the third Saturday in May and the Anniversary Concert the first Friday in November
  • Gig participation (if desired, not required)
  • Camaraderie

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Customary Monthly Membership Donation:

$25 Individual
$35 Household/Family

Customary donation for ongoing evening play along only

$20 Tuesday evenings only 
OR donate as you will OR be our guest

Contact Us:

Call: 209-505-3216
Mailing Address Only: 1104 Nut Tree Lane, Modesto, CA 95355

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